Full, green tree, the leaves of which are formed of handprints of various shades of green and the trunk of which is formed by two larger, dark brown hands"We Are the Roots of UH" 2019 is in the history books!


Thank you to everyone who participated in the raffle or made a gift in honor of our residents! We are still counting tickets and names to determine team contest and individual contest winners.

Find out the results on Nov. 15, 3 p.m., in the Rehab & Senior Care - Ogdensburg cafeteria! Be there for the drawing. ... Who will win the prizes? Which team will win the entire month? Find out at this 11/15 celebration!

1st Prize: $200.00 Cash
2nd Prize: $100.00 Gran·View Gift Card
3rd Prize: Movie Passes & Movie Snack Cash for 4
4th Prize: 7 Picture Frames· Various Sizes for your Photos
5th Prize: 2 Ride Tickets RPM Raceway/Destiny USA
6th Prize: Luxury 9-Piece Travel Set
7th Prize: Brunch for 2 · Artworks Creperie in Waddington
8th Prize: 31 Bag with $50 Amazon Gift Card
9th Prize: Handcrafted Bag with $50 Amazon Gift Card
10th Prize: Genuine Lead Crystal Vase
11th Prize: Temp-tation Floral Bread Dish/Bread Mix Basket
12th Prize: $100 Amazon gift card

Again, thank you, from your UH Champions--a group of volunteer employees who lead by helping to spread the word about "The Roots of UH." Find your Team liaison/s below:



Patricia Amo

Behavioral Health & Life Skills

Desiree Bartlett


Colley Bender


Benny Fairchild


Terry Grennon


Jaime Ladison


Billy LaFlair


Mary Polniak

Behavioral Health & Life Skills

Tammy Ritchie





"We Are the Roots of UH" is a fun time when UH employees split up into four teams and compete in cool contests for a month, as a way to give back and support our residents and our company. Prizes are awarded all month, with final drawings and awards at the end!

At this time of year, more than ever—we think about why our work is critical, why UH's mission is critical. It's all about the people. We are "Always Caring."

Last reviewed: Nov 11 2019