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Kelly Ward and Michelle Matthews showing off their black UH-logo-embroidered knit tuques"We Are the Roots of UH" 2020-21:
Employee Giveaway Extravaganza!

From Dec. 1, 2020, to Feb. 3, 2021, the Society office celebrated UH employees with a daily drawing for awesome prizes!

For the annual "We Are the Roots of UH," the Society chose to give to you for two months, rather than ask you to give back. This was our way of saying "well done" to everyone.

Check out the prize list (some folks won the awesomely soft UH blanket, below, or the cool UH knit tuques that Kelly and Michelle are modeling, right). If a friend is on the list (or if you are), make sure you nudge them to get in touch with us to claim the prize!

The prizes were donated by the Society office, UH leaders, Society members (volunteer leaders), UH family members, and community members.


"Sample prize giveaway -- plush Lands' End embroidered blanketWe Are the Roots of UH" is typically a fun time when UH employees split up into teams and compete in cool contests for a month, as a way to give back and support our residents and our company. Prizes are awarded all month, with final drawings and awards at the end!

At this time every year, more than ever—we think about why our work is critical, why we care so much for our residents, program members, and clients. They are why UH's mission is critical. We are "Always Caring."

--> For 2020, we chose not to ask employees to make gifts during "We Are the Roots of UH."



Looking Back at "We Are the Roots of UH" 2019

VP of Development Christa Carroll honors Colley Bender as representative for Rehab & Senior Care Ogdensburg -- for winning the team contest in the final week of the 2019 "We Are the Roots of UH"

Thank you to everyone who participated in the raffle or made a gift in honor of our residents during October 2019! Through that month, 143 employees made gifts to UH. We celebrated with a luau in November 2019! See who won the raffle drawings.

Overall, Team Management-Sparx won for 2019's Highest Participating Team!

And winners of the mini-contests were:

  • Final week: Team Rehab & Senior Care Ogdensburg (see photo, right! ... VP of Development Christa Carroll honors Colley Bender as representative for Rehab & Senior Care Ogdensburg--for winning the team contest in the final week of "We Are the Roots of UH" 2019)
  • Second contest: Andrea Smith
  • First contest: Jen Pratt

Congratulations, everyone, and thank you again!

United Helpers is grateful for you in so many ways, as employees and as donors:

  • Image of the employee pledge form for giving by payroll deductionYou can give through payroll deduction—click on and print the pledge form at right and return it to the Society Office—you can scan and email it to giving@unitedhelpers.org

  • You can give by credit card online
  • You can give by cash or check—make your check to Society of the United Helpers and mail to or stop by 91 Main Street in Canton


Full, green tree, the leaves of which are formed of handprints of various shades of green and the trunk of which is formed by two larger, dark brown hands

This is the group of volunteer employees who led the way by helping to spread the word about "The Roots of UH 2019":



Patricia Amo

Behavioral Health & Life Skills

Desiree Bartlett


Colley Bender


Benny Fairchild


Terry Grennon


Jaime Ladison


Billy LaFlair


Mary Polniak

Behavioral Health & Life Skills

Tammy Ritchie



Last reviewed: Mar 16 2021