United Helpers Launching Running Analysis Service



OGDENSBURG – Are you a runner recovering from an injury, or do you experience pain when you run? If you can answer yes to either of these questions, perhaps a running analysis with United Helpers’ RiverLedge Outpatient Physical Therapy can help you return to the sport you love, minus the pain.

Runners of all ages are welcome to book their appointment with Megan Morrison, PT, DPT. Ms. Morrison will conduct an hour-long evaluation that includes filming running mechanics on a treadmill from the left, right and posterior angles. In some instances, runners may also be filmed from the front.

Following a brief run, Ms. Morrison will analyze the footage and make recommendations that may lead to a reduction or even elimination of low back, leg, knee, ankle, or foot pain while running.

Recommendations may include adjustments to the runner’s stride, the way they land, or providing exercises to stretch or strengthen their core, hips, knees or ankles.

“It’s nice to be able to look at a runner frame by frame to identify impairments which could be causing them pain,” she said. “Even if it’s a really small thing, it can become compounded over time and throughout their training.”

Fees for the running analysis are $75 for the initial visit and $50 for follow-up visits for runners without a prescription for physical therapy.  Runners with a diagnosed injury and a physical therapy script may also have the cost of services covered in part by their insurance.

“Part of being a successful runner is learning how to read what your body is telling you,” Ms. Morrison said, adding that the frame by frame analysis and review that she’s able to provide can help runners do just that.

To schedule an appointment with Ms. Morrison, please call (315) 393-0730 extension 2154.

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