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infographic showing the steps in creating a DAF: 1. make gift 2. receive charitable tax deduction 3. organization manages your fund 4. advise about grants given to charities from your fundGiving Through Your Donor-Advised Fund

If you are considering the benefits of giving via a DAF, please contact our regional philanthropy partner, Northern New York Community Foundation, to set up or give from your DAF through them. They are available at 315-782-7110 or info@nnycf.org. You can give more in a year to your DAF (to exceed the standard deduction and be able to itemize on your taxes), and then spend the next couple of years awarding those gifts to your favorite charities. There is no minimum to create a DAF with the Community Foundation. Please keep UH in your thoughts.

Another option is Fidelity Charitable, which now also allows you to create a Donor-Advised Fund with any amountThe organization announced in September that it has eliminated the $5,000 minimum once required for you to start your new fund.

To give through a Fidelity DAF, or from Schwab or BNY Mellon, follow this link or use the mini-form below. You can easily designate your Donor-Advised Fund (DAF) gift to the Society of the United Helpers.

No matter where you have created your donor-advised fund, your generosity and thoughtfulness are wonderful and appreciated!


Contact us at 315-714-3110 x522 or giving@unitedhelpers.org
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Last reviewed: Nov 23 2020