Merrifield Honored with Ladouceur Award

Robert Merrifield, an LPN at United Helpers Rehabilitation and Senior Care in Ogdensburg was honored this week with the 2021 Wayne N. Ladoceur Award. This year’s award was presented on Mr. Ladouceur’s birthday in front of a small audience consisting of his wife, his children, and a few co-workers. From the left, United Helpers CEO Stephen E. Knight, Mr. Merrifield, and Mr. Ladouceur’s wife, Cheryl Ladouceur. Mr. Knight and Mr. Merrifeld are both wearing bowties in honor of Mr.

Top 2020 Donors

Our 2020-2021 Top Business & Foundation Donors, Looking out for Our Residents, Clients, and You

It's time for us to say thank you to the following businesses that have donated $1,000 or more to the Society of the United Helpers. 

Debunking COVID Vaccination Myths

Debunking COVID-19 Vaccination Myths

Jordan Woodside, FNP-C

While there have been many questions surrounding the COVID-19 vaccines, there have been many inquiries in regard to the vaccine’s potential to alter the body’s DNA (i.e. cause deformities, “microchip” people, growths, etc.), and hesitancy by many due to the rapid development of the vaccines in general. I would like to take a moment to shine light on both of these topics in a simple description with evidence-based research and the most recent data available.


Mission vaccination

Kaitlyn Strader, RN administers a COVID vaccination to Miranda White, BHLS employee


Mission: Vaccination

On Thursday, December 31st, United Helpers and HealthDirect kicked off efforts to offer COVID vaccinations to residents and staff members at the Rehabilitation and Senior Care complex in Canton. On Tuesday, January 5th, a similar vaccination clinic was held at the Rehabilitation and Senior Care complex in Ogdensburg. These two clinics provided initial COVID vaccinations to 360 residents and staff members. 

Need a ride


Need a ride? 

If you need a ride in St. Lawrence County, consider checking out the St. Lawrence County Public Transit schedule. Each week, their buses stop at more than 50 locations. 

Rates are affordable, just $2 one way or purchase a book of passes at a discounted rate. Passes can be purchased at the Operations Center, 6 Commerce Lane, Canton or from any transit driver. Note, driver's cannot make change, so exact fare is required. Children under age 3, ride free. 

One for the History Books

On Thursday, December 31st, residents and employees of United Helpers Rehabilitation and Senior Care in Canton became the very first of the UH family to receive the Phizer COVID-19 vaccination. Members of HealthDirect delivered and administered the vaccine to more than XXX people at the Canton complex. The same process was duplicated a few days later on Tuesday, January 5th at United Helpers Rehabilitation and Senior Care in Ogdensburg. 

How risky is that winter activity?

How risky are winter activities when it comes to the spread of COVID-19? Infectious disease experts across the University of Vermont Medical Health Network ranked the activities below to help you make smart, healthy decisions this season.


These rankings assume that you are wearing a mask while indoors and/or with others from beyond your immediate household and that you’re at least 6 feet apart from others when possible. 

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