Updates, How We Are Protecting Your UH Family, and How You Can Help 

Weekly Skilled Nursing Update, Ogdensburg, for the week of June 12th:


There is currently one positive case of COVID-19 (staff member) at United Helpers Rehabilitation and Senior Care in Ogdensburg. The staff member was tested on June 8th and has been asymptomatic. The employee was retested on June 10th and received a negative result. The employee will remain out of work for 14 days per Public Health guidelines. The employee only worked on the Milligan neighborhood so the Department of Health has directed that the whole unit be isolated and all residents were placed on droplet and contact precautions for 14 days, which means that staff must wear gloves, gowns, eye protection, and masks when working there. No residents or other staff are symptomatic.


To date, there have been no confirmed positive cases of COVID-19 with residents of the facility, and a total of two staff members that have tested positive. One of those staff members has recovered and returned to work.


New York State has revised the mandated staff testing from twice a week to once a week. We will continue to communicate any positive tests to all residents and family members and representatives within 24 hours or by 5:00 pm the following day.


The New York State Department of Health arrived at the facility on June 9th to conduct a focused infection control inspection. There were no findings as a result of the inspection.


We continue with many other preventative measures, which include restricted visitation, staff screening for fever and respiratory symptoms, mask use of staff and residents, daily resident monitoring for symptoms, restricted group and dining activities, and social distancing when possible. We still have not received any news regarding opening up the building for visitors. Please reach out to our Activities department if you are interested in alternative means of connecting with loved ones. We have been coordinating phone calls, video chats, emails, and window visits to maintain family and friend connections. We understand how difficult these restrictions can be and want to accommodate to the best of our abilities. Thank you all for your patience and stay safe.