Updates, How We Are Protecting Your UH Family, and How You Can Help 

Weekly Skilled Nursing Canton/Assisted Living update for the week of September 18, 2020


Our last notification of a positive Covid-19 staff member was on 9/13/2020, in the United Helpers Rehabilitation & Senior Care, Canton, skilled nursing facility (SNF). All residents and staff in the ALP and SNF were tested once a week over the past two weeks related to previous staff positives. All resident results have been negative. The SNF residents were tested again yesterday as required by DOH guidance related to the positive staff on 9/13/2020, and we are awaiting results.


Due to the positive Covid-19 results over the past weeks, we have been ineligible for limited visitation. There has been new DOH guidance recently issued changing the 28-day waiting period after a positive Covid-19 to a 14-day waiting period to resume limited visitation. With that said, the ALP is eligible to reopen limited visitation on 9/22/2020, and the SNF is eligible to reopen on 9/28/2020. Please follow the previously developed process for scheduling a visit. All of the specifics can be found on the United Helpers webpage under Limited Visitation Update 9/17/2020, or by calling Ashley Flanagan, Medical Records, at (315) 386-4541, ext. 3276.


Another significant change that the DOH put forth this week is that ALL VISITORS, at the time of the visit, must present a negative Covid-19 test result from the previous seven days. We are working on getting resource information for all family members as to the locations where testing can be completed. You may also reach out to your primary care provider for information on how to get tested.


St. Lawrence County Public Health provided contact information to local testing sites in the area:

St. Lawrence Health System: 315-261-6240

Claxton Hepburn Medical Center: 315-713-6655

Clifton-Fine Hospital: 315-848-8049


Staff testing continues once per week per the governor’s guidance and was extended thru October 4, 2020. We will communicate any positive tests to all residents and family members and/or representatives within 24 hours or by 5:00 pm the following day.


All other preventative measures, which include restricted visitation, staff screening for fever and respiratory symptoms, mask use by staff and residents, daily resident monitoring for symptoms, restricted group, and dining activities, and social distancing, remain in place.


Alternative visits, such as window visits, video chats, phone calls, email, etc., continue to be offered and encouraged. You can arrange these visits through the Activities Department. As a reminder regarding window visits, they must occur with closed windows but conversations can be accomplished with a phone.


NYS DOH has also advised that plans could be developed for in-door visits. We are in the process of developing the plan, however, visits will continue to be outdoors for at least the first full week of visitation. There will be more specific information on this available in next week’s update.


The landscaping project around the building is almost complete. They will begin hydro-seeding on Monday, 9/21/2020. Please avoid any areas that are covered with the light green seed/fertilizer combination. Basta’s has informed us that it will take approximately two weeks to take hold, so please do not walk or place chairs on those areas. If you need to move a window visit to another location, please reach out to us for assistance with finding an alternate location if necessary. Thank you to the families who have removed bird feeders or ornaments from outside of windows. Any that have been relocated will be replaced after the project is complete.


Thank you for your patience and support. We will keep you updated with any further changes.