Updates, How We Are Protecting Your UH Family, and How You Can Help 

Weekly Skilled Nursing Canton/Assisted Living update for the week of November 20, 2020


We continue with no new positive Covid-19 results with staff or residents since 10/29/2020.  We have been extremely vigilant and continue to be so as the numbers of positive cases in St. Lawrence skyrocket.  It is more important now than ever to wear masks, wash hands, and maintain social distancing.  Staff testing continues once per week per the governor’s guidance, and residents are monitored daily for signs and symptoms.  We will communicate any positive tests to all residents and family members and/or representatives within 24 hours or by 5:00 pm the following day.


Visitation continues inside the Meditation Room.  During visitation hours, a sign is posted in the parking lot directing you to the right of the main entrance to enter directly into the Meditation Room for visitation screening and your visit.  Per the Governor’s guidance, all visitors must show a negative Covid-19 test result within the past seven days of their visit, and social distancing must be maintained during all visits. 


To schedule an appointment for visitation, please call Ashley Flanagan, Medical Records, at (315) 386-4541, ext. 3276.  The United Helpers webpage also includes information on resources to set up a Covid-19 test.  You may also reach out to your primary care provider for information on getting tested.  If you are traveling to New York from another state, please be aware of the requirements for quarantine prior to scheduling a visit.             


All preventative measures continue, including staff screening for fever and respiratory symptoms, mask use by staff and residents, daily resident monitoring for symptoms, restricted group, and dining activities, and social distancing. 


We strongly encourage alternative visits, including window visits, video chats, phone calls, email, etc.  You can arrange these visits through the Activities Department at extension 3273.  If you are still doing window visits, please remember they must occur with closed windows but conversations can be accomplished with a phone. 


Our beauty shop has reopened for services this week to the delight of many residents.  There are some mandated restrictions, including only one resident in the beauty shop at a time, no waiting in the hallway, sanitizing between each resident, screening residents for temperatures/signs or symptoms before their appointment, testing the hairdresser every day services are provided, and the hairdresser wearing mask and shield while providing services


As I said, our county is currently experiencing more active Covid-19 cases than we have seen since the start of the pandemic.  Please remember that this situation is fluid and our plans can change at any time due to a positive Covid-19 test result.  The governor still requires us to shut down any visitation, including the hairdresser, and students training in our building, if a staff or resident tests positive for Covid-19.  I will keep you posted with any further updates or changes.  As always, thank you for your continued patience and support.