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Weekly Skilled Nursing Canton/Assisted Living update for the week of December 31, 2020


United Helpers Rehabilitation and Senior Care in Canton currently has 39 residents and 43 staff members in the nursing home actively positive for Covid-19.  One resident is hospitalized, and five have passed.  In the Assisted Living Program (ALP) there are no positives.     


Visitation remains suspended at this time and cannot resume until at least 14 days after the last positive Covid-19 case is reported. 


Resident testing will continue every 3-7 days until there are no positive results for 14 days.  This is still continuing in the nursing home, but the ALP residents are not required to test at this time.  Staff testing continues once per week per the governor’s guidance.  Any positive test results will be reported to residents and families within 24 hours. 


We had our first dose of the Pfizer Covid vaccine today!  All ALP residents who consented received the vaccine.  Unfortunately, with the increased positive rates in the nursing home, only 32 residents were able to receive the vaccine.  We are hopeful that on the second round, which is scheduled for January 21, 2021, all other residents who have consented will be able to receive the vaccine.  All staff who consented to the vaccine also received it today.  There were 150 vaccines administered in total.  Our pharmacy partner, HealthDirect, provided and administered the vaccines.  We will keep you updated as more information is received.     


I continue to be amazed at the dedication and hard work of our staff who care for the residents during these difficult times.  And many thanks to the supportive and appreciative family members.  Happy New Year!  We wish you safe and happy holidays, and hope for positive things in 2021.