Updates, How We Are Protecting Your UH Family, and How You Can Help 

Weekly Skilled Nursing, Canton/Assisted Living Program update for the week of March 5, 2021


United Helpers Rehabilitation and Senior Care in Canton currently has one staff member in the nursing home who has tested positive for Covid-19.  Per NYS Department of Health, visitation and small group activities are suspended until at least March 17, 2021. 


In the Assisted Living Program (ALP) one staff member tested positive today, so visitation is suspended until at least March 19, 2021.           


NYS has made exceptions for clergy and Ombudsmen to continue visiting residents during times when visitation is suspended, and these visits are occurring.  The Ombudsman plans to be here the week of March 15.


Staff continues to be tested twice per week per the guidance from New York State.  Any positive test results will be reported to residents and families within 24 hours.  Resident testing will occur next week in response to the recent positive staff results. 


The dentist and eye doctor will be on campus next week to see residents.    


We received word this week about the processes that will be in place to begin vaccinating new staff and residents.  We will be able to provide those vaccines in-house and expect our first vaccine clinic to be scheduled within the next couple of weeks.   


We are making progress in reopening our campus.  It will be a slow process, but we feel that is necessary to ensure our staff and residents remain safe and healthy.  Thank you for your patience and support during this time.