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Your Planned Gift Will Strengthen UH


"Later, for Sure": Planning your future gift to United HelpersIn 2021, is your heart leading you to do something heroic and lasting for UH? The pandemic may have crystalized your vision of what you value most. Your personal story and personal passions may be telling you that now is your time to plan that incredible impact, that special gift.


A terrific place to start is with our recent webinar, "Later, For Sure": Planning for Your Future and the Future of UH." View it at any time.


"Planned giving" means making a gift that involves a third party to help make your gift, and it's usually a major gift of $25,000 or more. To do so, please work with your accountant, attorney, or certified financial planner. Thank you so very much from all of us at UH for the commitment that is evident in this type of gift.

When you notify us that you have set up a planned gift for UH, we will honor you as a member of "United Helpers for Tomorrow," our exclusive legacy circle! It will be our great pleasure.


Your UH gift plan designates the Society of the United Helpers as a beneficiary of your:

  • will / estateHelping hands make an incredible difference!
    • language for your will should read: "I give, devise and bequeath my said residuary estate to the SOCIETY OF THE UNITED HELPERS, located at 732 Ford Street, Ogdensburg, New York 13669, for its general purposes, absolutely and without restriction."
  • life insurance policy
  • stock sale or transfer
  • charitable IRA rollover (if you are 70.5 or more as of 12/31/19, or if you are 72 or more now)
  • charitable remainder trust or charitable gift annuity, which often gives you income during your lifetime
  • retirement savings account, such as a 401(k) or 403(b)

(Make your plans with your tax adviser, your financial adviser, or your attorney.)

As you can see, in some forms of planned giving, your UH gift comes to fruition after your passing. Other times, your planned gift also can benefit you during your lifetime. Your financial adviser can help you with making plans that are right for you.

Also feel free to contact us with your questions as you plan, at 315-714-3123 or giving@unitedhelpers.org. Please be in touch so that we may honor you as a member of "United Helpers for Tomorrow," our legacy circle. You may send your non-detailed planned gift information and/or documentation at the Society of the United Helpers, 732 Ford Street, Ogdensburg NY 13669.

In 2020, UH hosted another compelling webinar called “You Mean I Can Be a Hero, Too? Surprising Giving Possibilities Inspired by a Pandemic”—featuring speaker and donor Chris Acker, Jr., CLU, ChFCTo learn about why and how you might consider giving to UH, in part because of provisions in the 2020 CARES and 2021 ARPA Acts, please watch and let us know if you have questions

Above all, make your plans with your tax adviser, your financial adviser, or your attorney.

(If you wish to give online right now, please visit Make Your Gift Now. Thank you!)
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Last reviewed: Jun 4 2021

Form indicating your intentions to make a gift to UH. For a copy, please email giving@unitedhelpers.org.