Post-Hospital (Subacute) Rehabilitation

Post-hospital rehabilitation can be a great option for those recovering from surgery, illness or stroke. It can also be the perfect solution for someone who is not well-suited for intensive acute therapy services or for those who have not fully recovered after an acute therapy stay.

Following a thorough evaluation by a team of physicians, nurses and therapists, a treatment plan will be customized to meet a patient's needs and goals. Most people benefit from a combination of physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy and skilled nursing care. Throughout a stay, social, cultural, spiritual, recreation, and leisure activities are incorporated into the treatment plan, providing an integral link to resuming life in the community. 


The treatment team is committed to restoring maximum functioning in the shortest period of time. Treatment goals may include walking, climbing stairs independently, managing daily routines, such as bathing and dressing, transfer techniques, such as getting in and out of bed, and regaining strength and endurance.


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To learn more about the programs and services provided, please contact us at either telephone number listed below. Services are offered at our Canton and Ogdensburg campuses.


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