Stepping Stones Children's Therapy Services

Stepping Stones provides therapy services to young children, ages from birth through five years old. Stepping Stones offers a variety of children’s therapy services, each tailored specifically to the needs of our young customers.


We Pride Ourselves:
. Services for children of all ages
. Prompt, flexible appointments
. Energetic, enthusiastic team
. Prompt and efficient billing system
. School based, in-home or site-based options


Stepping Stones is a member of the United Helpers family of services.  


We can help with:

▪ Growth & Motor Abilities
▪ Learning & Thinking
▪ Understanding and Using Words
▪ Relating to Others


What is Available?

Occupational Therapy  -

The early years of life are a critical time for development. Occupational therapy can improve motor, cognitive, sensory processing, communication and play skills.

At Stepping Stones, occupational therapy programs are tailored to involve the people in the child’s life. Participation and development is our primary concern.


Our strategies include:

. Facilitation of full participation in daily routine
. Implementation and development of meaningful activities to support learning
. Reducing environmental barriers to learning
. Identifying assistive technology and supports
. Preparation for transition and successful continuation of learning

Physical Therapy -

Stepping Stones physical therapy team supports families in promoting their children’s development, learning, and participation in family, school and community life.

We work to improve gross motor skills like rolling, crawling, sitting, walking, running, and jumping.

These are just a few of the areas our team targets:

. Developmental delays
. Decreased mobility
. Gait deviations
. Balance/Coordination impairments
. Strength/Range of motion  

Speech and Language Therapy - 

Developing a successful speech program involves the inclusion of the child, parents, family members, caregivers, teachers, all of the people that impact a child’s life.

Whether the goal is development of early communication skills at home or promoting the development of speech and language in the classroom, Stepping Stones speech and language program targets theses specific areas and many others:

. Using and understanding words
. Forming questions, story telling
. Following Directions
. Cooperative play
. Much more 


To learn more about any of the services provided by Stepping Stones, contact:


Your school district’s Committee on Preschool Special Education or 

St. Lawrence County Public Health Department
80 State Highway 310, Suite 2
Canton, NY 13617-1476
(315) 386-2325



100 Ford Street, Ogdensburg, NY 13669 (315) 393-3072