Giving Your Stock Shares to UH

The Society of the United Helpers can accept your gift of stock by electronic transfer. Thank you so much!


Information you need in order to transfer your stock to UH:


  • - We have an account with LPL Financial; the account number is 227-59414
  • - The name of our account with LPL Financial is: "Society of United Helpers"
  • - The Tax ID number of the Society is: 15-0532251
  • - The name of the advisor for the account is: Eric Brunet, of Community Investment Services / LPL Financial
  • - Electronic tranfers typically arrive without your name associated with your gift
    Please email us and let us know of your gift intentions, before or as your transfer your shares:
  • - If you have further questions, please call our United Helpers Development Office: 315-714-3110 x522


Last updated: 11/20/2018