Vestiblular Rehabilitation

When your world feels like it is spinning, it is good to know there's help available!

Do you feel dizzy when you change positions? 

  • Getting in or out of bed?
  • Rolling in bed?
  • Looking up or down?
  • Looking to the right or left?

Do you feel off-balance and have increased symptoms on uneven ground, driving, or in busy environments like a grocery store or in a crowd? 


Do you feel like th eroom is spinning or your eyes are "jumping"? 


If the answer to any of these questions is yes, you could benefit from Vestibular Rehabilitation. United Helpers therapists Brett Amo, MPT and Brittany Wieszczyk, DPT specialize in Vestibular Rehabiltiation and are available to help.


Watch this video below, then call us today to schedule your appointment. 




To learn More

To learn more about treatment options or to visit our therapy suite, please contact us at (315) 386-4541 ext 3217 (Canton) or (315) 393-0730 ext 2154 (Ogdensburg).