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You have the power to dramatically improve your neighbors' lives, folks who are among our 1,800+ daily health care clients. Through your support, people will retain dignity, enjoy living again, regain mobility, be comfortable, and not worry anymore. Thank you!

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Annual Appeal & Memorial Appeals

We are grateful for your financial support in response to our Annual Appeal and/or Memorial Appeal. Our Annual Appeal, sent each year in November, is a perfect time to honor the year-long commitment that United Helpers extends to our residents, resident family members and community.
Honoring the memory of a family member or friend is a timeless traditional. The Memorial Appeal offers a perfect opportunity to pay tribute to a loved one.

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Planned Giving 

We encourage our friends to remember United Helpers by making provisions in their will or living trust. A bequest made to United Helpers helps the Society to continue our mission to care for those in need and ensures that your legacy of giving will be recognized for years to come.

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Supporting Capital Projects

Throughout the years, the Society of the United Helpers has helped to provide financial support to several very ambitious building projects—United Helpers Nursing Home, our Intermediate Care Facilities and most recently Partridge Knoll.

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Giving Clubs

Your membership to any of our giving clubs is genuinely appreciated. Give throughout the year, or simply chose to make payments monthly by using your credit card. Either way, know that your contributions are used to benefit those we serve.

Society Founders ($500+)

Named for Mary Averell Knap , the first
President of the Board of Directors, serving from 1898—1906. Her strong ideas and decisive actions played a major role in the development of the Society of the United Helpers.

Leaders ($250—$499)

The Leaders Club honors all of those for whom the Society serves.

Benefactors ($100—$249)

Named for Alzina M. Milligan who was the first matron of the Society of the United Helpers. She would canvass the countryside in her horse and buggy to solicit produce and canned goods. This giving club honors Mrs. Milligan’s pioneer spirit.

Helpers ($50—$99)

Honors all of those, who throughout our more than 100 years of services have “helped” United Helpers to serve our community.

Friends ($2—$49)

Every gift made to the Society helps to continue our commitment to provide quality and compassionate care. The Friends Club acknowledges gifts under $50.

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Providing for our Future

By supporting the Society of the United Helpers Endowment Fund, you will help to ensure the important services that are offered today will be here tomorrow. With the rising costs of providing care to our residents and the shrinking funding from our state, local and federal government, it has become increasingly important for United Helpers to plan for its financial future.

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Leave a Legacy

The Society of the United Helpers is a proud
member of Leave a Legacy in the North Country. Gifts made to ANY organization in St. Lawrence County ultimately benefits all of us. To learn more about how you can remember your favorite charity, we urge you to speak to your attorney, accountant, or financial planner or contact the Society of the United Helpers Development Office for more information.

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