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Tonya Bassett Honored With Wayne N. Ladouceur Award

Tonya Bassett Honored With Wayne N. Ladouceur Award

OGDENSBURG – A LPN known for her “Always Caring” nature both in and out of the facility has been recognized as the winner of this year’s Wayne N. Ladoucuer Award.

Tonya Bassett, of Canton, has been an LPN with the organization for more than 15 years.

A colleague of Mrs. Bassett’s, Amber Curtis, an RN who works with Mrs. Bassett at Rehabilitation and Senior Care in Canton nominated her for the award. A letter of support was provided by Pam Sherburne, whose husband is a resident who receives care from both Mrs. Bassett and Mrs. Curtis.

The Ladouceur family chose the criteria for the award, picking traits exhibited by Mr. Ladouceur and things he was known for, not just in the United Helpers family, but also across the entire city of Ogdensburg. That criteria includes giving generously of one’s self, the ability to see beyond one’s own needs, a strong personal drive to provide the utmost in care, the ability to feel and express empathy, and exuding a love for life.

Those are all areas where Mrs. Bassett excels, both at work and at home.

Tonya Bassett, an LPN with United Helpers for more than 15 years was honored with this year’s Wayne N. Ladouceur Award. The award is presented annually to an employee who exemplifies traits exhibited by Mr. Ladouceur, including, giving generously of one’s self, the ability to see beyond one’s own needs, a strong personal drive to provide the utmost in care, the ability to feel and express empathy, and exuding a love for life. From left, Jason and Grayson Ladouceur, Mrs. Bassett, Cheryl Ladouceuer, and Cristen (Ladouceur) Halladay.

Giving a specific example, Mrs. Curtis wrote about how Mrs. Bassett temporarily took on care of some children from a family member in need.

“Tonya went above and beyond caring for those kids as if they were her own,” Mrs. Curtis wrote. “She bought their school clothes and supplies, took them to doctors and dentist appointments, threw big birthday parties for them, and even went to their parent-teacher conferences. She did all of this without even batting an eye.”

Mrs. Sherburne highlighted several examples of Mrs. Bassett’s dedication to the residents, including coming in on “days off,” staying late on shifts when they’re short-staffed, or even providing assistance to families after hours.

“After working an overnight shift she volunteered to help me take my husband to have a test done at the hospital. Anyone else would have taken their exhausted body home to get some sleep,” Mrs. Sherburne wrote. “Since the very first day my spouse moved into United Helpers, Tonya has provided me with the confidence that he would be in good hands and well cared for.”

The Wayne N. Ladouceur Award was created in memory of and in honor of Mr. Ladouceur, a longtime United Helpers volunteer, board member, and former board president. The award is funded through an endowment with the Northern New York Community Foundation created by Mrs. Ladouceur and more than 80 of the Ladouceurs’ friends and family.

Each year at the award’s presentation Cheryl Ladouceur, who was married to Wayne for more than 50 years, talks about the relationship Mr. Ladouceuer had with United Helpers and its residents.”

“From what I can tell, Mrs. Bassett is very much like my husband in the way that she often puts those in need ahead of themselves,” she said. “If Wayne ever had the opportunity to meet her, I’m sure he would have liked her very much.”

Mrs. Bassett was chosen for this year’s award from a group of nominees that also included Housing Specialist Diana Dancause and ACT Program Assistant Nora Hance.

“I know for a fact that this year we had three solid candidates for this award,” said COO Stacey Cannizzo. “Being nominated for this award is an honor in and of itself.”

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