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Dr. Galen K. Pletcher Honored Posthumously with Emeritus Status

Dr. Galen K. Pletcher Honored Posthumously with Emeritus Status

Joining members of the United Helpers Management Company Board of Directors and administrative team at a ceremony honoring the late Dr. Galen Pletcher were Bill and Molly Amaral. Mr. Amaral served on the board with Dr. Pletcher and was among his closest colleagues on the board. From left, Molly and Bill Amaral look on as Helen Pletcher points to the memorial brick bearing her husband’s name.

OGDENSBURG – For nearly 10 years until illness led to his resignation, Dr. Galen K. Pletcher served the United Helpers Management Company Board of Directors with style and grace that led him to become a mentor to many within the United Helpers organization.

Speaking on behalf of United Helpers at an intimate ceremony where Dr. Pletcher was recognized posthumously with Emeritus status, Board President Darlene Liscum called him “a leader, a mentor and a friend to many.”

“Galen’s legacy lives on in the work and services offered by United Helpers. He was a beacon of support who never dissuaded from challenges, sought solutions and helped guide us all in the quest for excellence,” she said.

In recognition of Dr. Pletcher’s contributions and support to United Helpers, a memorial brick was installed in his honor at United Helpers RiverLedge Campus in Ogdensburg.

“This wall behind me includes the names of those who believe in and support United Helpers in our mission. In memory of Galen, I would like to present his wife Helen Pletcher with this proclamation declaring his Posthumous Emeritus Award and a commemorative brick in his honor,” Mrs. Liscum said. Dr. Pletcher passed away on Sept. 21, 2023.

Dr. Pletcher enjoyed a 45-year career in education, retiring in 2011 as the Dean of Arts and Sciences at SUNY Potsdam.

“Although Dr. Pletcher may have retired, he never stopped teaching and serving as a mentor,” said United Helpers CEO Todd Amo. “I am just one of the many people grateful to have worked with and learned from such a great man.”

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