For people of the North Country, United Helpers delivers the specialized medical, physical, and emotional support needed to be connected to life. We've been caring for our neighbors for more than 120 years, and no other provider comes close to the reach of our network, the breadth of our services, or the depth of our commitment. United Helpers is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit.


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United Way Grant Helps Fund Employee Development at United Helpers

United Way Grant Helps Fund Employee Development at United Helpers

OGDENSBURG – A $10,000 grant from the United Way of Northern New York has paved the way for more than 20 United Helpers employees to receive training allowing them progress in their careers with the organization.

Interested employees were able to shift from employment at United Helpers Rehabilitation and Senior Care to the Assisted Living Program to work as home health aides or in leadership positions at Assisted Living.

A small group of employees also received OSHA certification, allowing them to work in maintenance or other non-direct care positions.

“We are grateful for the continued support of the United Way of Northern New York,” said United Helpers Vice President of Development Christa Carroll. “This is our second consecutive year receiving a grant from the United Way, which we have used for employee development. Our employees, as well as the people we care for will benefit from these funds, whether it be through employment retention or enhanced training for our caregivers.”

One of the many individuals to benefit from this United Way grant is Darcy Kerr, who now works as a med-certified home health aide, after spending the first several years of her career as a CNA.

United Helpers currently employs roughly 800 individuals in a variety of roles, including nurses, CNAs, direct support professionals, home health aides, social workers, food service, housekeeping, maintenance, and more. For more information on available positions or how you can join the United Helpers team, please visit www.unitedhelpers.org/employment or call (315) 276-6413.

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