For people of the North Country, United Helpers delivers the specialized medical, physical, and emotional support needed to be connected to life. We've been caring for our neighbors for more than 120 years, and no other provider comes close to the reach of our network, the breadth of our services, or the depth of our commitment. United Helpers is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit.


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Assisted Living

Freedom, friends and fun

For people who are able to remain more independent but need support with everyday activities, assisted living can be a happy medium. Our residences are staffed 24/7 and provide opportunities for people to make the most of every day.


United Helpers Assisted Living Program is located at 205 State Street Rd in Canton, NY. While connected to the United Helpers Rehabilitation & Senior Care complex, a separate, main entrance and lobby area welcome visitors to the Assisted Living cottages.

Assistance can take many forms

Medication management, assistance with daily routines like bathing, grooming, and dressing, there are plenty of ways we can help when the need arises.

We’ve created a community where assisted living is redefined- with small, homelike “cottages” and lots of options. We offer 24-hour support when you need it most, and the encouragement to remain as independent as possible.

assisted living
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A neighborly environment for socializing

Our assisted living residences emphasize interaction – not only among residents but also among friends and families across generations.

Activities are aplenty and can include arts, crafts, educational presentations, musical entertainment, and more. United Helpers also offers a unique opportunity for residents to interact with and participate in activities with children from the on-site daycare center.

Support for every stage of life

People require different levels and types of support as they grow older, and United Helpers offers them all, from independent or assisted living to skilled nursing care.

You never know when physical, occupational and speech therapy may be needed and all are offered in our easily accessible, on-site therapy suite.


Need assistance?

We’re here to help! Get answers to any questions you may have. Simply contact us or call our Navigator at 315-714-3117.