For people of the North Country, United Helpers delivers the specialized medical, physical, and emotional support needed to be connected to life. We've been caring for our neighbors for more than 120 years, and no other provider comes close to the reach of our network, the breadth of our services, or the depth of our commitment. United Helpers is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit.


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EDIT- Life Skills – DSP

Direct Support Professionals

United Helpers Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) provide exceptional supports and services for your loved ones. Learn more about DSP’s and apply today to make a difference!

Contact Information

  • Name: Jane Doe
  • Phone: 123-456-7890

With over 120 years of experience, United Helpers has earned a reputation of caring for those in need with reassuring expertise and warmth.

What are DSPs?

Brief Introduction describing what DSPs do: Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) are responsible and trustworthy individuals who provide support and services to those with developmental disabilities (NY Alliance for Inclusion & Innovation). These highly trained professionals focus on the health, safety, and well-being of the individuals they support, while providing assistance to the personal needs of those with developmental disabilities, ensuring a safe and comfortable environment while strengthening life skills (OPWDD)…

United Helpers seeks experienced Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) with compassion and commitment to providing encouragement, mentorship, and support to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, across 11 IRAs in St. Lawrence County


Should provide information about responsibilites of a DSP, list the responsibilities.

ex: DSPs provide supports and services for activities of daily living. Below is a list of what may follow… (New York Alliance for Inclusion & Innovation)

• Meal Preparation

• Grooming

• Hygiene Assistance

• Medication Administration

• Tube Feedings

• Diabetic and Wound Care

• Oxygen Administration


State the Qualifications/requirements in order to become a DSP

ex: The demanding responsibilities of a DSP require preceding qualifications prior to starting as a DSP… These qualifications consist of… (OPWDD)

• You must have a high school diploma or an equivalency, such as a GED.

• You must have a valid license to operate a motor vehicle in New York State.

• You must meet physical and agility standards.

• Background check and fingerprinting

• Extensive training leading to certification

• Knowledgeable operation of durable medical equipment


Information on the pay/salary

ex: The demand of the job far exceeds the compensation… The median hourly wage nationally is $12.00/hour. DSP salaries come from the government meaning they do not receive a living wage (New York Alliance for Inclusion & Innovation). Job is not officially recognized by the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics Standard Occupational Classifications.

NY state provides comprehensive benefit packages including health insurance, retirement plan, generous leave benefits (OPWDD).

A Greater Purpose

List the goals for the individuals with developmental disabilities that DSP’s contribute/support to help them succeed.

DSPs enable individuals with developmental disabilities to live “self-directed, meaningful and productive lives,” by teaching personal care skills, money management, and social skills (New York Alliance for Inclusion & Innovation). DSPs will advocate for, encourage, guide, and teach individuals with disabilities to express personal choice (OPWDD). The trusted and close relationships DSPs create with the individuals and their families makes integration into the community not only a possibility, but a reality (New York Alliance for Inclusion & Innovation).

If you enjoy working in teams, providing high-quality services, are interested in learning and mentoring others, and making a positive difference in the lives of others every day, we encourage you to apply.

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Place Holder to provide any more information. This video is from OPWDD. Include a United Helpers personalized video of DSP’s on webpage?

Include how entry level DSPs can move up with certifications