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Denner Honored With Fannie Frank Distinguished Employee Award

Denner Honored With Fannie Frank Distinguished Employee Award

United Helpers Rehabilitation and Senior Care Physical Therapy Assistant Chelsie Denner was honored with this year’s Fannie Frank Distinguished Employee Award. Mrs. Denner has been employed by United Helpers since 2019 and has worked in Canton since 2021. Dr. Edward and Mrs. Barbara Gordon created the award in 2019 as a tribute to Dr. Gordon’s grandmother. Mrs. Denner lives in Ogdensburg with her husband, Gregory and two sons. From left, Director of Physical Therapy Trent Worden, Mrs. Denner, Dr. Gordon, and his wife Barbara. Dr. Gordon is pictured holding a photograph of his grandmother for whom the award is named.

CANTON – As dinner was beginning to wind down, Dr. Edward Gordon said to the recipient of this year’s Fannie Frank Distinguished Employee Award, “I don’t believe we’ve ever talked about residents at this dinner before.”

According to those who know her, that anecdote perfectly sums up Chelsie Denner, a physical therapy assistant at United Helpers Rehabilitation and Senior Care in Canton.

“Chelsie has developed great relationships with all of her residents. She takes a gentle, caring approach to get the most out of her residents and she frequently has positive results,” said Rehabilitation and Senior Care Vice President of Operations Timothy Parsons. “She would much rather the attention be on them or her entire department.”

While no private health information was disclosed during the evening, plenty of stories were shared with many leading to laughter and smiles.

Director of Physical Therapy Trent Worden told one story about an individual who came to the nursing home in a wheelchair unable to walk and not confident that they would ever walk again.

“Chelsie spent five days a week with them and eventually they stood up, then they could take a few steps, and now with the assistance of a prosthetic leg that person is walking just like you or me,” Mr. Worden said. “That’s just one example. There are so many stories of Chelsie’s hard work and dedication that we could be here all night.”

Mr. Parsons said Chelsie will often do things with residents well beyond the scope of her job description.

“She never rushes through their treatments. She takes the time to get to know everyone as an individual and learn about their life experiences and families,” Mr. Parsons said. “It’s not unusual to see her chatting with a resident outside of the therapy room or even helping them with their cell phones, tablets, or other issues they may be having.”

Mr. Worden, who acts as Mrs. Denner’s immediate supervisor noted she also has a great rapport with her coworkers all throughout the building, including with nursing staff who have declared her an “honorary nurse.”

“She is the type of person who is fun to work with and makes the environment around her better. Her sense of humor can lighten almost any situation. She is a wonderful asset to the United Helpers team and often goes unrecognized for the daily energy and enthusiasm she consistently contributes. We’re lucky to have her,” Mr. Worden said. “When I was asked to think of nominees for this year’s award, I thought, “Who would the residents want to win?’ and her name was the first one that came to mind.’”

The Fannie Frank Award was established in 2019 by Dr. Gordon and his wife, Barbara, who are both longtime United Helpers volunteers. Dr. Gordon grew up in New York City in close proximity to his grandmother and credits her with instilling in him a love of animals that would eventually lead to his career as a veterinarian.

The award was created as a way to pay tribute to his grandmother, a Polish immigrant who moved to the U.S. prior to World War I with her parents and six of her nine siblings.

The award includes a cash bonus and is awarded based on the following criteria:

· A remarkably caring demeanor

· Currently employed at United Helpers Rehabilitation and Senior Care

· Continuous employment with United Helpers for two or more years

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