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United Helpers Promotes from Within to Reconfigure Corporate Compliance Dept

United Helpers Promotes from Within to Reconfigure Corporate Compliance Dept

For dozens of United Helpers employees, a job as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) or Direct Support Professional (DSP) has led to a career with several promotions along the way, that in some instances, lead to management-level positions.

The newly restructured Corporate Compliance Office at United Helpers Behavioral Health and Life Skills is a perfect example. Both newly appointed Corporate Compliance Officer Jason Matthie and newly appointed Corporate Compliance Assistant Stephanie Lancto began their careers as Direct Support Professionals more than 10 years ago.

“When I started as a DSP, I had never really lived in one place for more than two years at a time,” Mr. Matthie said. “I had some friends who worked for United Helpers and I had just moved back to the area. I thought it would be a good job at the time, but I really had no concept of a career.”

Corporate Compliance Dept
Stephanie Lancto & Jason Matthie

That was back in 2003. Roughly one year later, Mr. Matthie would receive his first promotion becoming a Staff Development Specialist. In 2008 he became Quality Assurance Assistant and in 2014 he was promoted again, this time becoming Quality Assurance Coordinator. He held that position until his most recent promotion this fall.

Ms. Lancto began her career with United Helpers shortly after graduating from high school in 2010.

“I was fresh out of high school and just looking for a way to make some money,” she said. “I knew someone who was working at the Spruce Street IRA and applied to be a DSP there.”

She was initially hired in a per-diem role but quickly earned a full-time position. In 2016 Ms. Lancto was promoted to Housing Assistant, a position with the United Helpers Management Company. She then returned to Behavioral Health and Life Skills in 2020 when she became an office technician for the Quality Assurance and Staff Development Departments, holding that position until her most recent promotion.

“When I started with United Helpers as an 18-year-old kid, I never envisioned I would still be working here as an adult woman who is now raising a family,” she said.

While some people do enjoy lengthy careers as a CNA or DSP, which is perfectly fine, Mr. Matthie said there is room for growth within the organization for people who are looking to advance their careers without having to move to another employer and “start over.”

Vice President of Human Resources Michelle Matthews, who began her own career as a CNA more than 25 years ago said, “The great thing about United Helpers is there are so many opportunities available. Whether you want to go from being a CNA to an RN or LPN or you want to change careers entirely, you can do that and still stay within the United Helpers family.”

She then cited several examples, including two IT professionals, one who began as a CNA, and the other who began in Food Services, the Director of Nursing at Rehabilitation and Senior Care in Canton, who began as a CNA, and a countless number of Program Leaders and Assistant Program Leaders who began their careers as DSPs.

If you’re interested in advancing your career, Mr. Matthie said the first step is finding the confidence in yourself to take the necessary steps needed to pursue the promotion.

“I was one of the shyest kids in my school, but as I gained experience and confidence in myself, I found that if I applied myself, I could do almost anything,” he said. “A lot of people get intimidated when they see new positions posted, but if they apply the experience and knowledge they gained from whatever job they’re holding now, and possibly other positions they’ve held in the past, they’ll often find they’re capable of far greater things than they give themselves credit for.”

Other internal promotions made as part of the department’s restructuring include Shauna Sears moving from Quality Assurance Assistant to Quality Assurance Coordinator, Will Robinson moving from PEACE Specialist to Quality Assurance Specialist and Nicole Bell moving from DSP to Quality Assurance Technician.

United Helpers currently has a variety of openings for direct care, nursing, maintenance, and office positions, with jobs available across the county. To view a complete listing of available positions, please visit www.unitedhelpers.org/employment.

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  • Francine Naccarato
    June 22, 2022 at 11:00 pm

    I am learning so much about the inner workings of UH!

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